Videos and web sites used in Chemistry class:

Chemistry Common Core from NYSED
Appendix A:  Chemistry Core Topics starting on page 26.

Chapter 1:  Introduction to Chemistry
The Science of Thinking
Can You Solve This? (A model of how science should work.)

Chapter 2:  Analyzing Data
Replacing Le Grand K (The Roundest Object in the World).
NIST Table of SI Prefixes.

Chapter 4:  The Structure of the Atom
John Dalton's atomic theory.
JJ Thomson and the cathode ray tube.
JJ Thomson and the plum pudding model of the atom.
Count Rutherford's α-particle / gold foil experiment.
Robert Millikan's oil drop experiment.

Chapter 5:  Electrons in Atoms
Henry Mosely and atomic numbers.
Niels Bohr and the planetary atomic model.
Erwin Schrödinger's orbitals.
James Chadwick and the neutron.
The periodic table and electron configurations.
Bohr and LED atomic models.

Chapter 6:  The Periodic Table and the Periodic Law
Lithium, sodium and potassium in water.

Chapter 7:  Nomenclature, Writing Formulas, and Percent Composition
Practice naming binary compounds.
Practice naming ternary compounds.
More practice naming compounds.
Practice writing formulas.

Chapter 8:  Bonding, LED Structures, and VSEPR
Practice with Lewis Electron Dot (LED) structures.
Practice with polarity and LED structures.
Practice with Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) and molecule geometry.

Chapter 9:  Chemical Reactions
Balancing Equations with Anne Marie Helmenstine on Chemistry.

Chapter 12:  States of Matter
Perfectly Elastic Collisions:  golf ball is deformed then elastically resumes its shape.

Chapter 24:  Nuclear Chemistry
Practice balancing nuclear reactions.