Week 10:  6 November to 10 November 2023

6 November 2023:

In Class:  Finish and review the Unit 2 Practice Exam.  Here is the Unit 2 Practice Key to help you.

Expectations:  Students are preparing for the Unit 2 Exam.

Due:  The Lewis Electron Dot Structures Worksheet.

7 November 2023:

No Class:  Professional Development Day.

8 November 2023:

No Class:  Chemistry does not meet on Wednesday.

9 November 2023:

Lab 9:
Complete data collection and discuss Calculations for the Atomic Structure Lab.

Expectations:  Students will be able to calculate the correct numbers of protons, neutrons, and valence electrons for any isotope.

Due:  The Unit 2 Practice Exam.

10 November 2023:

No School:  Veteran's Day.

Note:  1st quarter ends 9 November 2023.