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  • IC 434
    Jupiter:  Pices

    4 December 2022
    IC 434
    Mars:  Taurus

    4 December 2022
    IC 2118
    IC 2118:  Eridanus

    18 and 23 November 2022
    Cygnus Loop
    The Cygnus Loop

    23 November 2022
    NGC 628
    M74:  Pices

    29 October 2022
    NGC 7331
    NGC 7331:  Pegasus

    27 October 2022
    IC 434
    IC 434 – Orion

    22 October 2022
    NGC 7293
    NGC 7293 – Aquarius

    22 October 2022

    16 July 2022
  • Clear Sky Chart
  • The handy "Clear Sky Chart" above is a much better indicator of the weather and how clear the sky will be for astronomical observing than many local weather reports.  That's because weathermen will call the sky clear even when it is very humid so that the transparency will be poor.  Weather reports usually don't say how dark the sky will be, either.
  • Looking for a local astronomy club?
  • Try the Syracuse Astronomical Society (SAS)

  • Click the link above to navigate to the Syracuse Astronomical Society web page.  This is a local group that can give you all the 411 on watching the sky in the Syracuse area.  They are very friendly people who love to watch the sky and the yearly family membership dues are quite reasonable.
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  • Here is my first article on a topic in astrophotography.
  • Magnification in Astrophotography and EAA