Week 15:  12 December to 16 December 2022

13 December 2022:

In Class:  Variation of Insolation.  (Review Book 105-107)

Expectations:  Students will be able to identify factors involving a heat budget.

Homework:  Review Book pages 104-105 (1-10)

14 December 2022:

In Class:  Relationship of Surface Temperatures and Insolation.  (Review Book 107-109)

Review the Topic 5 Exam.

Expectations:  Students will be able to interpret insolation based on duration and heat deficit and surplus.

Due:  Review Book pages 104-105 (1-10)

Homework:  Review Book pages 110-111 (11-31)

15 December 2022:

No Class:  Earth Science does not meet on Wednesday.

16 December 2022:

Lab 12:
Complete the Weather Maps Lab.

Expectations:  Students will determine relative heating rates of land surfaces vs. water surfaces.

Due:  Review Book pages 110-111 (11-31)

Homework:  Finish the Weather Maps Lab report.

17 December 2022:

No Class:  Snow Day.

Note:  2nd quarter ends 27 January 2023.