Week 3:  19 September to 23 September 2022

19 September 2022:

In Class:  Begin preparation for exam on Unit 1.

Expectations:  Students are preparing for an exam on unit 1.

Due:  Review Book page 12 (29-39).

Homework:  Review Book Practice Questions pages 13-16 (1-38).

20 September 2022:

In Class:  Review for Topic 1 exam by reviewing the practice questions on pages 13-16 and by doing a Practice Test.

Expectations:  Students are reviewing for the Topic 1 Exam.

Homework:  Study for the Topic 1 Exam.  Finish the Practice Test.

21 September 2022:

No Class:  Earth Science does not meet on Wednesdays.

22 September 2022:

Lab:  Discuss Lab 2:  Density and Percent Error lab.

Expectations:  Students will be able to experimentally determine density of an object using water displacement and measuring mass.

23 September 2022:

In Class:  Test on Topic 1.

Spheres of the Earth.  (Review Book pages 18-20)

Expectations:  Students will be able to explain the layers of Earth in terms of density.

Homework:  Review Book pages 20-21 (1-17).

Note:  1st quarter ends 10 November 2022.