Week 10:  8 November to 12 November 2021

8 November 2021:

Lab 7:
Conservation of Momentum.

Expectations:  Students will be able to calculate momentum, speeds, or mass from the momentum equations.

Homework:  Finish the Conservation of Momentum lab report.

9 November 2021:

In Class:  Review Labs #07 and #08.

Expectations:  A chance for students to ask questions and finish the lab reports.

10 November 2021:

No Class:  class does not meet Wednesdays.

11 November 2021:

No School:  Veteran's Day.

12 November 2021:

In Class:  Finish the Chapter 10 Practice Exam.

The exam and key are available on Teams in the Class Materials Files.

Expectations:  Students are preparing for the Chapter 10 Exam.

Note:  1st quarter ends 12 November 2021.