Week 3:  20 September to 24 September 2021

20 September 2021:

Lab 1:
Average Walking Speed lab.

Expectations:  Students will measure distance and time then calculate speed.

Homework:  Finish the Average Walking Speed lab report.

21 September 2021:

In Class:  The Difference Between Speed and Average Speed.  Describing Velocity.  Ch 9:  287-291.

Expectations:  Students will be able to explain the differnce between speed, average speed, and velocity.

Homework:  Finish the Average Speed worksheet.  Here is the Average Speed Answer Key to help you.

22 September 2021:

No Class:  class does not meet Wednesdays.

23 September 2021:

In Class:  Graphing Motion.  Ch 9:  291-293.

Expectations:  Students will be able to graph motion and calculate the slope of graphs.

Homework:  Finish the Graphing Motion worksheet.  Here is the Graphing Motion Answer Key to help you.

24 September 2021:

In Class:  Distance vs. Time Graphs.

Expectations:  Students will create distance vs. time graphs and then solve for the slope (speed).

Practice:  Solve for the slope of the line on some distance vs. time graphs.

Note:  1st quarter ends 12 November 2021.